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This is a fictitious city that is meant to mimic the stories and emotions in the songs of the Only Love EP.
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“Only Love” EP
Out Now!!!!!
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For media inquiries, interviews requests, and booking:
Contact: Lance Marwood

Only Love EP Vinyl Presale 

Records are on backorder, we ordered extra's for anyone who wants to purchase one here!

No extra Charge for Shipping and Handling,

receive your copy when we get word of the new completion date,

thank you for bearing with us! Limited supply left to order!

About NZA P


I am Nessa P! I have a lifetimes worth of music in my heart, and in a few external hard drives in my office. I have worked with numerous artists gigging, producing, recording, mixing & mastering. Shoot me an e-mail if you want to work together, I cant wait to hear from you! In between now and then, listen to my latest release The “Only Love”EP available now, & get ready for my next drop, “ya ya ya” coming june 28th 2024. Then I have a July 8th drop with producer byke following that. have some exciting things happening in 2024. Looking forward to what is to come! 


Nessa P 



Artist / Producer/ Audio Engineer

This is a picture of music producer Nessa P in a yellow shirt in a music studio.
About a Pizza

Nessa P
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